CONVERTING a portion of your heir’s inheritance FROM a lump sum INTO a stream of income means you can LEAVE A FULL INHERITANCE to heirs and REALIZE YOUR CHARITABLE DREAMS with a wonderful gift from your estate!    


The Income-Inheritance Trust

A Simple Concept

You direct 10% to 25% of your estate into an Income- Inheritance Trust, with the rest of the inheritance going to heirs immediately. The trust will make fixed payments to heirs for 15 years, equal to 7% of the amount transferred to the trust.

Plan Outcome

Heirs receive 100% of the Inheritance you want for them: the immediate inheritance and the rest over 15 years as income.

You preserve your financial security, retain full control of your assets during life and fulfill your charitable dreams with a gift you may never have thought possible.

What about Inflation and the income received? Based on the 3.25% historic, long-term rate of inflation, the income received is worth 82₵ of each dollar transferred to the trust. So, heirs will receive 98% of the estate, in present value terms, if the trust is funded with 10% of the estate. Heirs will receive 95.5% of the estate, in present value terms, if 25% of the estate is transferred to the Income-Inheritance trust.

Other Income Inheritance Planning Options

If you wish to provide lifetime income, you may choose to fund a Charitable Gift Annuity to provide fixed income for life, or fund a Charitable Remainder Unitrust, which offers variable income that has the potential for increasing over time.